Comfortably apply moisturizer, medication, body wash, sunscreen, and more anywhere on your body yourself!

The SunWand is a unique product that you can use by yourself! No more asking others for help. No more waiting for others to help! Even if you are hale and hardy, young or old, you cannot reach some areas of you back and body without help. The SunWand solves this problem! The SunWand is a medication applicator, a moisturizer applicator, a sunscreen applicator, a body wash applicator, a lotion applicator, a back applicator, and so much more. The long, curved handle creates an easy reach to all of those hard to reach places on the body. You can rub in every bit of product you need to apply with the SunWand’s soft bristle applicator pad. Use the SunWand in the privacy of your home or out on the beach or tennis court and it can be used over and over again. This lightweight product is easy to pack for travel. There is nothing on the market like the SunWand!
  • J. Frey
    This is a product that does what it is advertised to do. I've use it to apply medication and self-tanner -- works great for both -- doesn't waste what is applied and can easily to cleaned to use again.
    J. Frey
  • C. Williams
    This is an awesome product. I have looked at so many different kinds and even bought a few of these devices but none of them were what I was looking for. This SunWand is exactly what I wanted and it seems to be a good quality product.
    C. Williams
  • D. Gerber
    Great, well-designed product. Better quality than all the others out there. Great gift item! Also perfect for applying medications to hard-to-reach areas on back.
    D. Gerber
  • A. Bell
    Best thing I have found to apply medications to my back. ... i apply JR watkins pain relief liniment and can easily reach any part of my back with this without hurting my shoulder.
    A. Bell